Pop 2020 songs playlist

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The statistics on the most-streamed artists, albums, tracks and podcasts were announced yesterday, with Spotify teasing that personalised playlists and trends for each individual Spotify user would arrive "in the coming days". Yes, Spotify users awoke to find their individual trends, listening stats and playlist of top tracks from the last 12 months were all ready-and-waiting for them today.

And for those on Apple Music, there is a way for you to get involved in the fun too. So, if you've been listening to playlists, tracks, albums and podcasts within the app, or your console, desktop PC, or smart speaker over the last year Find out how to launch your personal Spotify Wrapped here.

Spotify also noted that more people created playlists from home, instead of on-the-move, this year. The last 12 months also saw a spike in the number of people streaming their music library from a games console. When it comes to the biggest artists of the year, Bad Bunny has been named was the most-streamed artist of The Puerto Rican rapper clocked-up an eye-watering 8.

But while Bad Bunny is the most-streamed artist, the individual song that clocked-up the most streams goes to The Weeknd. The Joe Rogan Experience takes the number one slot for the most popular podcast of the year both globally and in the UK.

Spotify acquired the exclusive rights to The Joe Rogan Experience earlier this year. Given the latest streaming statistics, it seems like that was a canary business move. Although the exact terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, widespread reports suggested that the acquisition deal makes Joe Rogan the highest-paid podcast creator worldwide.

Rogan announced the deal with Spotify back in May, revealing his show would debut exclusively on Spotify in September. Add a premium for exclusivity on top of that and it seems Spotify really dug-deep in their podcasts to bring the comedian to its platform. The Wrapped playlist brings together your most-streamed tracks of the year. Apple Music has a similar featurewhich debuted at the start of the year. Instead of following the model popularised by Spotify, Apple slowly builds your playlist over the course of the year.

UK has some of the worst broadband in Europe and it'll stay that way Windows 10 will soon be able to run your favourite Android apps Google Chrome made deleting your internet history quicker than ever.Follow Billboard. All rights reserved. The first half of has posed many questions most of us never thought we'd have to answer in our lifetime, including: "What does pop mean in a world of self-isolation?

The answer, of course, is yes. We've found that in times of quarantine and other crises, music is as meaningful as ever, even just as the soundtrack to such menial activities as doing the dishes, taking a walk around the block or just sitting at home and wondering when or if things will feel normal again.

As difficult as this period has been, we doubt we could've gotten by without these songs -- and we look forward to making up for lost time with them at whatever point we're finally able to celebrate them publicly. Halsey, "You Should Be Sad".

pop 2020 songs playlist

Jessie Reyez feat. Zebra Katz, "In In In". Sada Baby, "Slide". At this point, it's hard to dispel Lil Mosey's hit-making abilities. Adroit at penning lighthearted heaters such as "Noticed" and "Kamikaze," the ambitious Seattle upstart blasts a grand slam with his latest single "Blueberry Faygo.

Lathered with summery vibes, "Blueberry Faygo" is a sunshiny tune about splurging and being celebrated as the city's hometown hero. Natalia Lafourcade, "La Malquerida". The four-minute edit is plenty arresting, but for full effect, you really have to go for the transfixing eight-and-a-half-minute live video, with Lafourcade flanked by about a dozen young women in white singing their life's pain over a roaring campfire, the crickets applauding them in the background.

Surfaces, "Sunday Best".

The 50 Best Songs of 2020 (So Far): Staff Picks

This warm, good-hearted song took off on TikTok and grooved its way into the Hot 's top Older listeners may hear arrangement ideas here that echo Spanky and Our Gang, one of the best sunshine pop groups of the s.

Younger listeners will just enjoy the good vibes. Drake, "Toosie Slide". Four months later, Dominican star Romeo Santos jumped on the remix, bringing a touch of bachata and salsa melodies to the table. One of the best country songs of the year so far comes from year-old Daniel Breland, whose protective ode to his pickup is irresistible not only for its singalong pre-chorus and seamlessly integrated trap influence, but its brilliant one-word-or-fewer hook: " Skrrrr-RRRRR-rrrr-RRRRR-rrr Remi Wolf, "Woo!

Conan Gray, "Maniac". It's something that the year-old up-and-comer has done throughout his career, singing slightly sad, introspective songs about generational divides, the nature of modern love and more. The songwriting on "Maniac" is suddenly sharper and more clever, making not only for a thoroughly fun pop song, but one that will have you marveling at its wordplay.

Chika, "Industry Games". In just over two minutes, she raps breezily about her artistic vision and dedication to her craft over a metallic, bass-heavy beat, not so much bragging as she is building a strong, smart case for her own come-up.

James Blake, "You're Too Precious". The thumping alt-dance song blends '80s pop elements who could forget that wild saxophone solo? It also poses the question many may be asking themselves now: Is it possible to have an intimate relationship strictly through screens? Maybe it's time to put the phone down for a minute. RMR, "Dealer". Justin Bieber feat. Quavo, "Intentions".Follow Billboard. All rights reserved. Pack away those summer jams for another day: it's officially fall time, and with the weather already turning a bit chilly and eateries trotting out their pumpkin-flavored treats, we all need to adjust our playlists accordingly.

These 20 songs are season-appropriate in the best way, from fashion recommendations to a general sense of yearning; here's hoping that the sounds of Taylor Swift, Drake, The National, Shawn Mendes, Benee and more will help prepare you for everything fall has to offer. Check out this playlist of some of our fall favorites, the crisp autumn jams you deserve. Pop any of these gems into your personal playlists -- or scroll to the end of the post for a custom playlist of all ET on Sept.

Is that not the most Fall Thing ever? Best served with a mug of steaming chai. In the music video for his soothing and melodic breakout track "Lemon Boy," Cavetown roams around a forest that clearly has dead leaves on the ground.

That's at least a 9 on the Autumn Rating scale. In the dreamy video, Deschanel gracefully dances with an invisible partner before ending up in a sky full of clouds. Cloak yourself in the beat patterns as the sun sets around pm. Grab your pumpkin spice latte, fire this one up and harmonize along in between sips. Self-explanatory, right? Search term. Billboard Pro Subscribe Sign In. Top Artists. Top Charts. Hot Songs.

Billboard Top Videos. Top Articles. By Gab Ginsberg and Jason Lipshutz. Copied to clipboard. Click to copy. Watch Now.The Number Ones. Album Of The Week. This column has reached the end of its seventh! As you might guess from that title, the focus of this list, as with The Week In Pop in general, is music that was and is massively popular — songs that ruled the charts, went viral on TikTok, or otherwise blew up in a big way.

Just enjoy the jams and offer your own list in the comments. His sing-rapping hook rides the borderline between catchy and annoying, but when I give myself over to it, I start to understand why radio gave him airtime worthy of a presidental candidate. Good lord, what a beat. As we witnessed on "Sicko Mode," "Love Galore," and elsewhere, the man is best when playing the foil to a more magnetic talent, creeping around the edges of a song and bombing it with ad libs.

That beat? That slicing, dicing lead guitar? Shit slaps extremely hard.

The Top 40 Pop Songs Of 2020

Morgan Wallen is almost as good at writing lovelorn down-home pop-country ballads as he is at flouting COVID protocols. The kid has a bright future. Is "Dynamite" a bit corny? Of course, but when your pop song is this gleaming, joyous, and laser-focused, resistance is futile.

If your wedding DJ isn't blaring this in the post-pandemic future, they're doing something wrong. The new version with Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson is fun, but the original "Easy" would hard to improve upon.

pop 2020 songs playlist

Immaculate yet blurry, sung with tender elation, it's the kind of openhearted love song we don't hear enough of these days. And few sounds in pop this year provided a jolt on par with the ad-libbed "Woo! In between writing hits for other artists, Julia Michaels has been dropping brisk, breathy pop tracks of her own for years now.

Rarely have they been as hard-hitting as this Winterfresh club track. A few more hits this fun and she'll be worth eight figures in her own right. Pop music history is littered with egregious theft and many other kinds of mess. To wit, there are so many reasons one might find Doja Cat problematic, from showing feet in racial chat rooms to working with Dr.

pop 2020 songs playlist

Luke to allegedly lifting the music for this song from Skylar Spence's "Fiona Coyne. Hopefully he gets a big chunk of those "Say So" royalties someday and can begin to enjoy the extremely fun disco track these plunderers built atop his beat. It pops. It rocks.

pop 2020 songs playlist

It makes me dream of Top 40 radio being flooded by post-grunge gems, though first we've got to get this one in rotation.

We all know Lil Nas X understands how to promote a hit, from social media promo to elaborate music videos. Reduced to audio alone, "Holiday" is a reminder that he knows how to write a hit as well. It helps to be blessed with collaborators like Tay Keith and Take A Daytrip, but even when backed by first-rate production, not everyone can summon a hook that will keep listeners humming all day.

Manic added a whole range of pan-genre maneuvers to Halsey's game, none more effective than a pulsing acoustic ballad brimming with righteous indignation.

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A booming, warmly organic lope about going out of your way to run into an old flame and trying to drink up the courage to say hi. When America erupted this summer, the biggest rapper in America seized his moment with a thoughtful, moody, deeply catchy dispatch from the front lines of the protests. By age 18, Billie Eilish had already won over teens, parents, artists, and critics alike, hit 1 on the album and singles charts, and swept the Grammys.Putting together the perfect Christmas playlist is one of the most important tasks of the holiday season.

Sure, you've got to shop for giftsdecorate the houseand maybe host a holiday get-together — but the only way to make those activities as festive as possible is by playing a fabulous Christmas soundtrack in the background. For every playlist, you need an assortment of old and new, cheerful and chill. These modern Christmas songs include upbeat hits that'll get everyone dancing to chill ballads you'll want to listen to with a cup of cocoa by the fire.

We know there's something for everyone's musical taste, whether you prefer a classic cover or love to listen to new holiday hits. Just sit back, relax preferable with some Christmas candiesand let these tunes put you in the holiday spirit. Is it possible for a song to be an instant classic? Twenty-five years after its release, Mariah Carey's ultimate holiday bop is still the go-to tune to get any party started. The song is about being so in love that every day feels like Christmas.

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Blasting Destiny's Child always gets the party started. Listen to this song once and it'll be stuck in your ear the entire holiday season but in a good way.

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Every '90s kid at your party will sing along to this classic hit from Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Hold our drink while we do our best Faith Hill impression. With this stunning rendition, you'll be able to cheers to all the good times past and present.

But when he and Idina Menzel went in on a duet in — well, there's a new favorite in town. Cue up this one for Christmas karaoke with your beau. And while you can't see her play in this rendition of "Carol of the Bells," the track is just as mesmerizing as the music videos that made her famous. Christmas is a magical time, but it can also be tough on relationships. Wonder first covered the song on his album Someday at Christmasand so we love that Legend kept him on the track in his version.

There's no better way to get the party started than by adding a few RuPaul songs to your playlist. It's a stunning ballad about everything you can accomplish if you believe in yourself. A cappella group Pentatonix is famous for their beat-boxing holiday albums. Although it's got the same name as Mariah Carey's upbeat holiday anthem, Liam Payne's "All I Want For Christmas " is a tearjerking ballad about a relationship that's unlikely to make it through the season.

The lyrics will inspire you to get out and enjoy the magic of Christmas, no matter where you are. His take on the classic "Feliz Navidad" is guaranteed to get the party started. This modern Christmas love song is all about counting down the days until you see your partner for the holidays. This song is an absolute bop, but it's also got a pretty inspiring message. Every December, you'll hear this classic Bruce Springsteen track, which was recorded live at C.

Post College in While it's a few decades old at this point, it's got a modern feel and is the perfect party anthem for any festive get-together. Carly Rae Jepsen's cover of Wham! Turn it up for some chill '80s vibes and a reminder that there's way more to the Christmas season than finding love. This holiday ballad is sure to please anyone who loves lates Taylor Swift. No one is better at serenading listeners than Sam Smith.Click here to get started in 3 easy steps.

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Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran , Taylor Swift, Adele, Ariana Grande - Best Pop Music Playlist 2020

Mixing is not mysterious judo. Go ahead and mix. Mastering is not mysterious judo. Go ahead and master. Buy a quality sample pack as soon as possible. Here are some quality packs incuding a free one. Give your tracks that spit shine sheen. Start building a reliable way to connect with people who want your music.

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Email list is a good idea. Give it out for a purpose. Think about where people will listen to your music. What is the setting. This should inform your production. Think about what people will listen to your music. Music theory is a map. Especially not early on. DO aim for the quality of these pro artists.

But again, do not let them stunt you. New tools do provide opportunities for new directions. Spice up your production once in a while by acquiring a new plugin, sample pack, or instrument. I recommend this one. Invest in a solid microphone to go with that interface. Tier two is good enough. When you make a living off of music you can splurge. Never get angry or upset at change.

People who yell about the music industry crumbling or that streaming is taking over the world are exhibiting resistance. Accept the world for what it is and look for opportunities.

The obstacle is the way. Deadmau5 began his production journey around age 16. He exploded 14 years later. Mostly because of market conditions. Aim for the slow burn not overnight success. Start building up a following now.

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